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Employment Opportunities…

AT HOME REALTY offers both experienced and newly licensed agents an opportunity to grow and nurture their skills in a comfortable and supportive environment. Our management team (nearly 40 of combined residential leasing and sales experience) appreciates the pressures associated with commission-based income and can assure you exhaustive training, support and client leads without the intense badgering and scrutiny many competitors associate with “effective” agent development. Before making a decision regarding your ideal office environment, you owe it to yourself to speak with us, visit our office and meet our staff; you will not be disappointed!


Q) Other real estate leasing companies boast that their apartment databases are comprised of 50,000 listings; yourweb site and job ads indicate approximately 30,000 listings… Why should I work with your more limited inventory?
Several important reasons! First, we maintain precise, comprehensive and up-to-date listing data for Boston-Brookline only; this is the area in which we excel; our apartment and landlord data reflect the exclusive and loyal relationships we’ve built as we enter our 25th year. Also, we limit our staff to 10-15 full-time associates; if you do the math, you’ll easily see that this limited number of agents sharing 30,000 carefully-nurtured listings offers agents far more money-making opportunities than 50,000 scattered listings shared by 50 associates!!

Q) What are the advantages of working in an office with fewer agents and regionalized database?
Aside from the simple math example provided above, consider these factors; you’ll have your own desk and computer; no sharing and/or fighting for time and access to your essential tools (phone, computer, customer seating, etc); you’ll report directly to the owner (25 years with AT HOME REALTY) and the leasing manager (20 years with AT HOME REALTY); our daily guidance and input as to apartment selection, negotiations and contract preparation will provide you unparalleled support; ie, would you rather turn to one of several inexperienced “line managers” for closing assistance or seasoned veterans in command of the landlords, listings and issues? Lastly, training is “hands-on”; classes and manuals are available for you, but you’ll learn more quickly and effectively by sitting with your peers, manager and owner and reviewing listings, techniques and strategies; the key to success is learning the inventory, which is far more easily accomplished working in a concentrated geographic area with people who know the market, owners and nuances intimately.

Q) Why doesn’t your ad suggest how much money I will make? Your competitors contend I will make anywhere from 50K to 100K per year?
I can assure you that promises of earnings are unfounded and foolish; until we can observe a new hiree’s work ethic, commitment and diligence, we cannot predict earnings potential and will not mislead you. example: for 2011, utilizing identical tools and resources, our range of agent earnings spanned from $14,000 to $140,000!! Each agent was impressive during interviews and was given the opportunity, but some hirees adapt quickly and aggressively while others fail to adapt properly to the requirements for success.

Q) I was hoping to not only lease properties but to sell residential and commercial real estate and be trained accordingly; most offices force me to choose leasing or sales; will AT HOME REALTY allow me to train and work in both disciplines?
Absolutely! Any new agent showing the desire to learn and expand money-making opportunities will be welcomed and encouraged to pursue leasing and sales leads; You will be trained one-on-one by the owner on all aspects of property sales, including use of the H3-MLS property database, pricing and market analysis, negotiation, contract preparation and legal issues/constraints.


  • Use of “H3MLS” sales listing database
  • Internet-based apartment listing database provides access to thousands of rental properties and property owners
  • On-line sales and leasing contract preparation
  • In-house technical assistant will assist you with ad preparation and web page design
  • Learn income property analysis and work with developers and investors


  • Reliable automobile
  • Cellular phone
  • Real estate salesperson’s license
  • Neat appearance..self-motivated
  • Basic computer skills
    …a successful agent must also be personable and respectful of other peoples’ time and wishes… common courtesy and polite manners are traits too often overlooked within the real estate community…

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